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Our story

What is M&C?

Based in the Netherlands, we are a matchmaker between makers and consumers. That means that you can find a maker on Masters and Crafters for any idea you have, buy custom made products or discuss ideas with makers (Masters). Masters can collaborate on projects or help each other to find rare materials. If you put your idea on the jobboard, makers can find you.


Hand crafted products are becoming extremely popular, but why do a lot of people still choose mass production? We discovered that there are 3 main reasons. First of all, makers are not always easy to find on the internet. They much rather spend time on making beautiful products than to create a good website. Secondly, people think mass production is cheaper, but tend to forget that those products are thrown away more easily and that a gap must be filled again. Finally, people believe that it takes longer to have something handmade than to order from a store or catalogue. Often this is not the case, especially with furniture.

We love craftsmanship! That is why we have created a platform, which makes it easy for you to buy products that are specially designed for you.


At Masters and Crafters, we believe that customers should decide what a product should look like and which materials should be used! We believe that if products are made with love, thought and care they have better quality. We hope to encourage people worldwide to not choose mass production, but rather choose something they will fall in love with and will last a lifetime.

How it started

The M&C idea came to fruition, when I started sharing the making process with my customers who visited me in my ceramics studio. Because I send them pictures during the process they witnessed their idea coming to life. Once the product was finished and people picked it up, I was able to see big smiles on their faces. That is when I realized that handmade products, in other words; products made with love, bring joy and more people should know about this. The idea for Masters and Crafters was born. At the beginning of 2018 we started as a social community on Instagram and Facebook. Now more than 500 qualified and signed up makers are ready and waiting for us to get the new platform rolled out. We are planning to have the first version ready by April 2020.
Yours sincerely, Jeanne van der Zee
Founder of Masters&Crafters

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